Kishorn Port

Operated by Ferguson Transport & Shipping, Kishorn Port is located in Wester Ross in the Highlands, approximately 70 miles by road from Inverness and 200 miles by road from Glasgow.

Integrating Road Haulage and Marine Services, our facilities at Kishorn Port offer:
  • The quay provides a single continuous straight edged area of 120m in length, running parallel to the general shoreline at approximately 260/08’ degree;
  • At the western end, the quay projects 40m from the shoreline, whilst at the eastern end the loch shore turns northward into the bay and estuary of the river Kishorn;
  • The quayside top stands 10m above the seabed and is open to the sea in a westerly direction with deep water close to the quay;
  • Vessels up to 100m or more can occupy Kishorn, subject to terms not always afloat but safe aground;
  • The present mooring bollard arrangement allows reasonable security for a vessel of up to 100m in length and approx 3500 DWT.
Port facilities and services:
  • Storage & Warehousing – 6000sqm capacity
  • Marine Services
  • 24hour Berthing
  • Craneage
  • Cargo Handling
  • TRANSEC/ISPS approved with 24 hour CCTV security


Loading our bulk carry vessel using the facilities at Kishorn Po

Activities currently on site include the manufacture of fish cages for the aquaculture industry, quarrying and salmon smolt transfer.

We also transport fish feed on a regular basis from the Port and deliver along the West Coast of Scotland from as far South as Ireland – Arran – Mull – Loch Linnhe, as far West as Loch Hourn – Skye – Uist – Lewis – Harris and as far North as the Shetland Isles.

Other products include:
  • ADR products for the aquaculture industry
  • Forestry round wood
  • Road salt
  • Fertiliser
  • Stone and aggregate
All enquiries to:

T: 01397 773 840 (Corpach)

T: 01520 733 358 (Kishorn)  



Please visit the KPL website.