Kishorn Port & Dry Dock

Kishorn Port Ltd (KPL) is a 50/50 joint venture between Ferguson Transport (Spean Bridge) Ltd and Leiths (Scotland) Ltd created in 2008 with the objective of re-establishing the Kishorn Yard as a major facility for the manufacturing and distribution of renewable energy components; the resurrection of the Dry Dock and the potential decommissioning/recycling of floating structures.

KPL is unique in the fact that it has an almost unlimited water depth just off the port in the Sound of Raasay. There is an 80m deep channel in Loch Kishorn with 100m plus deep sheltered berths in the Sound of Raasay. The Dry Dock is one of Europe’s largest with a 160m diameter with 13.8m of water at MHWS. Equipment can be trialled in safe, low-risk conditions within the Dry Dock, still allowing for real results to be obtained, even in extreme winter weather.


Ninian Central Platform

The site was originally developed in the 1970s by Howard Doris Ltd for the fabrication of the 600,000t Ninian Central Platform and is ideally located to serve the offshore sector.

At the time of build, the Ninian Central Platform was the largest ever man made object to be moved across the surface of the Earth, until it was superseded in the 1990s by a Norweigan oil rig, now making it the second largest.

Dry Dock

The Dry Dock has a fully concreted flat base. As well as berthing at the Dry Dock, there are four hard edged quays with up to 13.8m of water at MHWS. In total, there are 450m of quay space.

On site at Kishorn Port, there is a quarry with excellent aggregates and the potential for concrete batching facilities.

An industrial footprint of up to 45ha is available with extensive hard standings and lay down areas.

Full Planning Permission

The Port facility has full planning permission for all the energy sectors including oil and gas, drilling rig life extension & upgrades, decommissioning, renewables. On site, there are established port facilities, agency shipping, stevedoring, craneage and transport facilities with work vessels and self discharge cargo ships based out of the port.

KPL has completed an Environmental Impact Assessment and planning and environmental statements for the entire site. There is a planned storage/anchorage area for completed turbines with relevant marine licencing to be moored before being towed out to their final position.

Recent Trials

The world’s first linked array of wave energy devices being trialled and tested at KPL, and deployed into Loch Kishorn using on site engineering and craneage facilities.

In 2013/2014 KPL hosted a ground-breaking trial by the Scottish marine energy company Albatern. Their WaveNET device underwent hydrostatic testing at KPL, which consisted of the world’s first coupled array of units known as Squids. The units were collected from Albatern’s manufacturing facility in Central Scotland, using a standard flatbed articulated trailer by Ferguson Transport & Shipping, and made use of on-site engineering and craneage facilities at Kishorn Port.

The Albatern project is similar to that of Trident, who came on-site at Kishorn in 2012. Trident Energy’s lease agreement with KPL allows them to test their PowerPod wave technology at sea and gather operating data to inform commercial designs and performance modelling.

KPL is supported by having transport, warehousing and logistics links, both by road and sea already established on-site.

KPL Masterplan

KPL has developed a Masterplan which has been approved by The Highland Council for full planning permission to develop the Kishorn Port and Dry Dock site as a fabrication and assembly hub for the offshore Energy sector, including, oil & gas, drilling rig life extension & upgrades, decommissioning, renewables. The Kishorn Port Masterplan includes the refurbishment of one of Europe’s largest dry docks, reclamation of the foreshore, upgrading and extending the existing pier structures and the erection of fabrication and warehousing buildings on site. The KPL Masterplan is supported by Highlands and Islands Enterprise. There are also plans for an accommodation camp on site and a temporary holding area for completed offshore projects in Loch Kishorn. If the site is re-established as a full manufacturing facility of concrete gravity base structures, it could provide up to 2,500 jobs in the future.

Although based on the west coast of Scotland, plans for tow-outs round the north of Scotland to the east coast have been formulated, bringing many of the prospective UK offshore developments within reach.

Watch the YouTube video below of the ‘The world’s first linked array of wave energy devices being transported and deployed in the waters around the Isle of Muck on the west coast of Scotland in May 2014.’

Read more on the Albatern Kishorn Hyrdostatic Testing here

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