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Constantly striving to develop a health and safety culture that exceeds expectations

The route to safety beyond compliance

At Ferguson Transport & Shipping, health and safety is led from the very top of the organisation. The Company safety, health, environmental and quality policy is reviewed annually and the Policy statement is signed every year by the Group Managing Director, showing full commitment from the board of directors.

The objective of the company as a whole is to constantly strive to exceed its health and safety obligations. Ferguson Transport & Shipping’s steadfast commitment to “Safety beyond Compliance” ensures that every operation carried out is the safest it possibly can be, with all tasks assessed and proactive actions are taken to reduce any remaining risk to be as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).

The company continually invests in healthy and safe working conditions for employees, subcontractors and business partners. This is pursued by applying workplace and road safety with general health and safety best-practice processes including:

  • training programs
  • ensuring that working hours are suitable for each employee
  • introducing flexi-time or similar systems where applicable

To ensure continued improvement, some years ago the company adopted compliance teams within the traffic and marine sections of the company which meet monthly to ensure compliance with all current legislation and good practice.

Just one example of how Ferguson Transport & Shipping is constantly striving to develop and enhance its safety culture.


Policies and Certificates

To help protect our employees, customers and stakeholders we have numerous policies and procedures in place to ensure we’re always working to the highest safety standards.

To help make our customers’ lives easier we supply a range of compliance documents which can be downloaded for your convenience.


Ferguson Transport & Shipping offers a comprehensive range of logistic solutions.

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