Ferguson Transport & Shipping Supports ‘Safe Highlander’ Event 

Ferguson Transport & Shipping were delighted to have supported the recent ‘Safe Highlander’ event, held in Lochaber in June 2015, to help highlight the importance of safety in a variety of key areas to protect children from potential everyday dangers. An event such as this fits in well with Ferguson Transport & Shipping’s ‘Think Safety, Safety First’ motto.

Here below is the press release that is currently available on the Highland Council website.

“Last Monday, almost 200 Primary 7 pupils from across Lochaber learned the importance of staying safe as they make the transition from primary to secondary school.  Safe Highlander Lochaber was held in the Nevis Centre and included displays on internet safety; home fire safety; road safety; bullying; being safe around electrical installations; water safety; resuscitation and harm from alcohol misuse.

The event is supported by the following partners: Police Scotland; Scottish Fire and Rescue; Scottish Ambulance Service; The Highland Council; SSE; Fujitsu; Marine and Coastguard Agency; Highlife Highland and Action for Children.

The event is very interactive with the children in small groups visiting each of the eight sets for eight minutes and having the dangers of each scenario made clear.

The Highland Council’s Lochaber Area Leader Thomas MacLennan said: “This is an important event for the safety of our children as they move from primary school to secondary and the sudden freedom they start to enjoy.  That freedom opens up more risk and it is essential that we try to raise the awareness of our children to the different dangers which may exist.  Safe Highlander does this in a fun and non-threatening way.”

The event has received financial support from both Fujitsu and Ferguson Transport & Shipping.  Alasdair Ferguson, Group Director of Ferguson Transport & Shipping said: “The safety of our children as they come to this crucial point in their lives is absolutely vital.  They can suddenly come across many situations which they have not experienced before and the more we can prepare them for that time, then the safer they will be.  Ferguson Transport & Shipping is delighted to support Safe Highlander.”

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